Dereham Cares – yes we do!

March 27, 2020

More than 60 people have already registered with the Dereham Cares scheme in order to help people facing difficulties as a result of being isolated due to the Corona Virus.

The scheme launched less than a week ago and has already gained over 60 volunteers – people who are willing and able to go and collect prescriptions for isolated people on their own, or deliver simple food packages, or even call them in order to chat and, perhaps, allay some of their worries about the virus and how to cope.

We will soon launch the page where people needing support can sign up if they have no other help such as family and friends available.

Until then, please register to provide support. The scheme is being led by District Councillor Alison Webb, together with Councillor Hilary Bushell and Councillor Phillip Duigan.

The District Councillors are appealing for volunteers from across the whole of Dereham and Toftwood to come forward to provide support to people who are isolated for whatever reason and have no family nearby to provide the food and other essentials they need.

Councillor Alison Webb says, “No-one likes to think that people could be isolated at home and unable to get essential supplies. We don’t yet know exactly what will be required of us, but I know that many people want to help in this terrible situation. It could be leafleting, collecting prescriptions, or delivering basic food stuffs to the doorstep. We also need people who can answer the phone to identify people at risk and work from their own home to co-ordinate volunteers.”

You can register as a volunteer at the aboutDereham Partnership website at