We hope we did our little town proud – yes, you did!

November 17, 2019

We were all terribly sad to hear that the Dereham Carnival which has brought so much enjoyment to thousands of Dereham families will no longer go ahead in 2020. The Chairman and all of the volunteers who made it happen are also saddened that they now feel they will not have the funding they need to repeat the event. Chairman Kerry Doyle has paid tribute and a heartfelt thank you to everyone who had been involved with the carnival since 2016.Yarnbombing Dereham!

Yet that desire to “do our town proud” still motivates volunteers who continue to put their time and energy into activities which will give people enjoyment. From the carnival committee sprang the idea for the wonderful Peace Day Commemoration organised by a small band of volunteers led by Judy Rogers.

Now Judy leads Dereham Community Crafters – you are bound to have seen their handiwork around town, from the knitted toy soldiers on the bollards, to the yarnbombing of trees and posts in the town centre.

This group meet regularly at Dereham library and their next fantastic event will be Dereham’s Christmas Frstival to be held at Aldiss Park on December 15th, with stalls, the Elf Village and Santa Claus too, from 1pm to 6pm. Visiting Father Christmas is free, so is visiting Grandma Christmas to hear stories of Father Christmas as a boy. Search for Dereham’s Christmas Festival on Facebook.

The next ambitious project for the group is to create a rather large textile wall hanging for Dereham Library. It will be a total of 40 square feet in two sections to hang permanently on the back wall of the staircase in the library. It will cover everything about Dereham from its earliest history right up to date.Montage by Dereham Community Crafters

Any form of textile work can be included in the project, the only limit is your imagination. Ideal size for pieces is A4 or less. The shapes do not have to be square as the idea is to have a collage type effect with the pieces fitting together in random ways.

When people look at the Hanging we are hoping that with so much going on they will notice something new each time. The Crafters have already collected together many beautiful pieces and you can see some of these on the Facebook page, here. Wall-hanging for Dereham Library

If you or anyone you know would like to be part of this project please email info@derehamcommunitycrafters.uk or you can leave a note for me at Dereham Library, or come and see us on Wednesday mornings, 10am to 12 at the Library.