Team 188

November 27, 2022

Newly renovated garden delights residents

Team 188 completed a community project at St. Nicholas Care home in Dereham where they renovated a garden area for dementia residents and their family and friends. The team first met with staff and residents to find out what they wanted in the garden and what it would mean to them. They took measurements and photos so as to start to plan out the garden redesign.

Team 188

The team, shown left, also raised funds to buy materials and equipment they would need to create the new garden.

The team then spent 2 weeks planning the project completely from scratch themselves, everything from resourcing materials and tools they would need, securing donations and deals from local merchants to make the project viable, whilst also creating plans for the garden and each specific aspect they were adding to it. For example, building raised beds and planters for flowers and herbs, designing a mural for the centre piece of the garden and all of the other odd jobs to make the space a more welcoming area.

They spent a day bag packing at Tesco to raise funds for their project, as well as setting up a GoFundMe page and they managed to raise £638 in total.

Team 188 were given just one week on site to complete the project. In just two days they finished their project to the high standard they had set for themselves, completing everything they had promised the care home. At the end of the week, they did a handover event with the care home staff, residents, local press and friends and family all in attendance to celebrate the re-opening of the garden, showcasing what they have done and how they did it and listening to the residents and how they will utilise the garden.

Projects like these provide very many valuable skills and lessons to the young people taking part. Every aspect of this type of project provides invaluable life lessons, starting from the initial meeting where they talk to new people and have to communicate effectively. This leads into the planning phase where they need to design and plan what they can do, when and how, agree a budget and organise themselves and resources. The skills they learn whilst completing the project, such as practical hands-on skills, time management and the importance of initiative to complete tasks give them a very solid foundation to build on when making their way in the world.