Want to stand out in the crowd? one in a crowd

Plenty of people support what aboutDereham is trying to do in our town. That’s why this year we decided invite individuals to join our group, so they too can help support the Partnership’s aims and make Dereham a better place to live and a great place to visit.

Anybody who lives or works in or near Dereham or has an interest in a business or third sector organisation based in the town is welcome to join. You don’t need to belong to a community organisation, you just need to care about the town and its future. You don’t have to take on any tasks – but you can volunteer to help if you wish.

As you can see from our numerous projects and achievements, we’re all about promoting and contributing to Dereham as an economically successful and culturally vibrant centre. We make things happen for our town, its people and its visitors

Individual members can attend our bi-monthly Partnership meetings and take part in discussions on upcoming projects and priorities for aboutDereham and the town. We welcome everybody’s input.

Membership is only £5 per annum; if you feel you would like to join us, please complete the online application form here or email Carolyn Coleman, our Secretary at hello@aboutdereham.org.

If you’re already a member, please encourage somebody you know who cares about our town, to join us and become part of our successful Partnership. They do not have to take on practical tasks – but there’s plenty of scope for people who want to help in a practical way.

projects in priority order
Our priorities from 2019