Our Priorities 2022

July 8, 2022

aboutDereham members reset our priorities

The aboutDereham Partnership has as its main mission:

To promote and contribute to Dereham as an economically successful and culturally vibrant centre: a good place to live and a great place to visit.

Every year, we ask our members what our priorities should be for the coming year. Not surprisingly, some of the same issues come up again and again, every year. At our meeting on 18th May, our members discussed issues which affect them and then ranked them in order of importance. The chart shows the scores how we ranked each item. We also had a useful discussion which highlighted some other issues, not on this chart.

Our discussion confirmed that the biggest issues is still the Market Place and sorting out the traffic flows: there seems to be a general consensus that this is the priority and this is also highlighted in the consultants’ draft Dereham Town Delivery Plan (DTDP). People mentioned other towns where pedestrianisation of a central market area has led to a much more comfortable experience for shoppers.

Our meeting also felt the visual appearance of the Market Place needs improving. Associated with this we feel that the town’s history is important and there is a need for a review of heritage and also which buildings need improvement / saving or removing. We discussed the former Akash restaurant as an example of a building which has lain empty and neglected for many years and spoils the appearance of what could be a picturesque row of frontages.

Additional seating is another item the consultants had picked up in their DTDP and so aboutDereham has started to look at possible locations for new benches.

Future Breckland

We now await the final Future Breckland report which will contain the final delivery plan for each of Breckland’s five market towns, as well as some recommendations for measures that cover the whole of the district.

Let the hard work begin

We know that improvements on such a major scale in the town will take a long time and a lot of hard work before they are agreed and funding can be secured. aboutDereham has been very active in the earlier consultations and will continue to support local councillors in their efforts to make the town a good place to live and a great place to visit.