Noticeboard refurb

June 8, 2023

New lease of life for town centre noticeboard

The noticeboard located outside of Dereham central Post Office has been renewed and refurbished in a welcome example of partnership working between local groups.

Part of the town’s history

The old noticeboard has been there for around 50 years and was showing signs of its age. Some of the wood was rotting and has been replaced. The old back-board was too hard to insert a drawing pin. In spite of this, the noticeboard was very well used as photos taken before the refurbishment show.

The noticeboard was originally installed in the 1970s by the Dereham Society which was created with the aim of “protecting, promoting and preserving all that is good about Dereham” says former Secretary of the Society, Dorothy Sneesby. She said, “posters had to be handed in at Chamber’s shop in town and my father, Reggie Money, used to collect the notices and put them up on the board.”

Former Chairman of the Dereham Society, Jim Stebbings was delighted to congratulate the Dereham Men’s Shed who completed the refurbishment. He said, “this central location is ideal because it is most Dereham residents pass by at some point. Many people rely on these notices to find out what is going on. It would be a terrible shame if the board had been allowed to fall into disrepair.”

Howard Martin from the Men’s Shed said, “ this new rubber surface is self-healing and very much better because you can easily use drawing pins to put up your posters. It is also weather-proof, as is the new paintwork.”

Chairman of the aboutDereham Partnership, Mike Webb observed that the noticeboard will be self-policing. He said, “This is how it is done elsewhere. We expect people to remove notices when they expire and keep the area tidy. I am also very happy to report that in another example of partnership working, the Norfolk Opportunities Centre in Dereham has a volunteer who checks the new noticeboards regularly.”