Group aims to shout about everything that is good about Dereham

November 23, 2018

A scene from the 2018 Dereham Carnival. Picture: Nick Butcher

A community organisation is working to shout about all that is good about Dereham.

The aboutDereham Partnership wants everyone to know about Dereham – where it is, its many amenities and attractions and its wonderful community spirit.

The partnership was formally constituted in January 2018.

They have produced a four-page leaflet “About Dereham” which can be found in local shops and the library.

They have also created a website, which a lists some of the main community organisations in Dereham which are providing services to residents or for visitors to the town.

The website aims to include all local community groups, clubs and associations, so that anyone moving into Dereham or visiting could find out just what is available to them and their family.

The aboutDereham website also has a guide to many of the main events going on in Dereham, including the Dereham Memorial Hall, the Mid-Norfolk Railway, Dereham Carnival, Dereham Blues Festival, the Jazz Society and many more.

Group spokesperson Carolyn Coleman said: “It’s not yet a comprehensive guide to everything that goes on in the town. But it will be. “Many local organisations that we talk to say that residents are unaware of what they offer.

“I am sure that is true. It is equally true that nowadays, people go online to find out what is available to them.

“That’s why all local clubs and societies should be listed. We also plan to produce a new tourist guide to the town.”

At the aboutDereham Partnership meeting on November 21, at Aldiss Park, members discussed their vision for Dereham 2035. They hope to contribute their ideas to the town council’s own vision for the future of Dereham.

Meanwhile, the group is anxiously awaiting the outcome of the proposal that they submitted to Breckland Council’s Market Town Initiative. If funded, this proposal would mean the group can employ experts to recommend new town centre maps and pedestrian signage – something which many groups have been saying is long overdue.