Future Breckland

December 14, 2022

Ten year vision for the future unveiled

Breckland Council members have approved the adoption of five Town Delivery plans which set the 10-year vision for the district’s Towns. The council’s Future Breckland programme sets out changes to enhance each of Breckland’s five towns and their surrounding villages and attract major investment to the district for over 50 projects.

Having this agreed shared vision for the next 10 years helps to strengthen Breckland’s bids for external funding. A number of ‘quick win’ Projects have already secured funding and been delivered already.

After the vote at Breckland Council’s Cabinet meeting today (November 21), the new ‘Future Breckland Board’ will help move the project moving forward and will include Members from the district council, Norfolk County Council, the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership, representatives of the Private Sector, Voluntary Sector and Skills/Training Sectors.

At the meeting the Council also agreed to consult upon the final piece of the Future Breckland activity – a cross-District “prospectus”. The prospectus sets out a vision for the District as a whole and the priorities and activities which could benefit all Breckland residents whether living in Towns or villages. Click here  to view the draft prospectus, which will be available for comment until 4th January 2023.

The aboutDereham Partnership aims to submit a response to the Future Breckland Prospectus, on the basis that we have followed this process and been very engaged, submitting our comments on behalf of our members throughout the consultation period. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HAVE YOUR VIEWS INCLUDED IN OUR RESPONSE, PLEASE SEND IT TO US (Hello [at] aboutDereham.org

You can also see the Dereham Town Delivery plan, the Future Breckland Prospectus and the evidence base on this website, here: aboutdereham.org/future-breckland