Exhibition Feedback

April 1, 2021

Online Exhibition Visitors Praise the Town’s New Information Panels

Designs for new pedestrian signs in Dereham have been available to view online for the month of March. In the month there have been more than 600 views of the exhibition and, of these, 66 filled in a very short questionnaire and gave their feedback.

Will the signs enhance the town centre?

Feedback on designs
Suggestions for improvements in Dereham
Suggestions for improvements

97% said they agreed or strongly agreed that the new panels will enhance the experience of walking in the town.

People were asked for their comments about the designs they had seen.

Two people were Not Sure if the signs will enhance the town. The two writers were concerned about the quantity and type of information – is there too much information?

Of the 13 people who Agree the signs will enhance the town, comments we received included:

51 out of the 66 people Strongly Agree the signs will enhance the town. Common themes of the 60+ comments we received:

It is very gratifying that so many people have been appreciative of the effort that has gone into creating these designs. Several people asked if the information will be available as a print leaflet they can either download or obtain in local shops.

Your suggestions for other improvements

We asked people if they wished to suggest any other improvements to enhance the town. We received a good number of suggestions – it was no surprise to learn that many people raised the same issues again and again. The main points raised are:

People are concerned about the shopping experience and whether we will lose any shops from the High Street; they are anxious to preserve a good range of independent shops and even to encourage pop-up shops or other uses for empty space.

The topic of cleanliness was also high on the list with words such as clean, litter, dirt and pavements. Many people complained about pavements being filthy and never washed, especially in Nelson Place and the Market Place. People said it was a disgrace and let the town down.

Markets was high on the list too, with some people stating the Market Place should be landscaped, cleaner, made more attractive and have more planters and more seating; others also suggested more markets and speciality markets to bring people into town.

The other two top priorities were the lack of decent public toilets, and

The amount of traffic and bus movements creating noise and pollution spoils the atmosphere for everyone on foot.

You can see the full list of comments made about the signs here:

For more information, contact: hello@aboutDereham.org