Short (under 4 miles) walk
Hosted by Dereham Walkers are Welcome
7 Jun at 10:15 to 7 Jun 12:15
Event Location

A short walk (no more than 4 miles), one of the series of short walks on the first Friday of each month starting in or near Dereham town centre. This is to the usual pattern starting at 10:15, this time from Greenfields Road by the Windmill. If coming by car, please park on Greenfields Road, not in the Windmill car park. As a short walk, there is not a programmed refreshment stop, but there are usually a number of short halts for people to collect and catch breath, so if you want to bring something to eat and/or drink, there will be opportunity to consume it. The walk will be led at a reasonable pace - we do not rush, but we do need to make progress for the group as a whole; if you have any questions about our speed, please raise them with us. You should come with decent footwear (especially when it’s been wet) and suitable clothing. At the end of the walk, we hope you will join us at the Partea Hut for hot drinks and/or lunch: if this interests you, come prepared with a bit of available time and money. There’s no need to book, just turn up. For more details, contact Ken Hawkins, ken-hawkins@tiscali.co.uk or 07561 813243.