Dereham Rotary

October 1, 2021

Meeting to form new Rotary club in Dereham

Plans are under way to bring back the local Rotary branch in Dereham, which had folded in 2019 due to a dwindling membership after almost three quarters of a century in the community.

The then mayor of Dereham, Linda Monument, had called it “a sad loss” for the town.

Rotary is an international network of 1.2 million members who aim to bring together business and community leaders from around the world to take humanitarian action. 

Paul Wilkinson, who chairs the Rotary district covering most of East Anglia, said the emphasis of the rebooted Dereham branch would be around allowing the members to shape how, where and when they meet, and recruiting younger people if possible. Paul explains how it could work:

Whatever the local issues are, Rotary can help

“We will be delighted to re-start a Rotary Club in Dereham,” says Paul. “It would be whatever the new Dereham Rotarians want it to be. The standard Rotary Club is open to everyone over the age of 18.

Where a number of younger people come along, who may be in their 20s or 30s, they can start a Rotaract Club, which uses a different meeting pattern to a more traditional Club – for example, meeting less often, maybe with less formality and no meal.

Traditional Rotary Clubs tend to meet more often with a meal. They don`t have to – they just choose to.

If any group of Rotarians want to meet very week – they can. If they want to meet twice a month – they can. If they want to meet in a pub, hotel, café, someone`s house – they can. They can have as much – or as little formality as they wish.”

Paul Wilkinson, Chair of Membership for Rotary East Anglia, pictured right, invites everyone who would like to find out more to meet him at the Memorial Hall on 7th October, from 7pm onwards.

Or contact Paul on