Coronavirus support

April 18, 2021

Restarting delivery as Covid restrictions ease

There is a very comprehensive set of documents about how to deliver your services while protecting your volunteers and your beneficiaries, including how to carry out a risk assessment here:

xcoronavirus help on NCVO website

NCVO Knowhow

NCVO champions the voluntary sector and volunteering because they’re essential for a better society.

Each day, millions of people make a difference through voluntary organisations and volunteering. Our vision is a society where we can all make a difference to the causes that we believe in.

NCVO supports members by developing practical resources designed to support the day-to-day running of their organisations, saving them time to focus on their beneficiaries.

Community / voluntary groups with an annual income of less than £30,000 can join NCVO free of charge.

NCVO also hosts a knowledge bank which members can contribute to. It contains lots of useful How To guides, information and case studies.