Calendar 2024

January 19, 2024

Dereham Calendar is a first!

So would you believe there has not been a calendar of Dereham for goodness knows how long? A long time. So it was a bit of a novelty when aboutDereham set out to make one.

We started rather late in 2023 – it was already November when we had the idea. In short order we found willing helpers in the form of talented and dedicated local photographers who were willing to help. None of the photographers who joined our mission is a professional, that is, paid photographer. They do it for the challenge, the fun and the satisfaction.

We wondered if we might struggle to get 12 decent photos – one for each month of 2024. We needn’t have worried! In very short order, we had over 100 brilliant photos to choose from! Selecting the pictures was hard as there were so many good photos. In the end, we decided that any photo chosen for the calendar had to be recognisably of Dereham. This ruled out some truly great images – but you couldn’t tell where they were. Some of these are shown below.

Ian at Harlequin Studio was great and pulled out all the stops to print one hundred calendars before the Xmas lights switch-on. Big thanks to Ian – without his great service we could not have done what we did.

Thanks also to Mike and Robert who braved the cold to sell our newly printed calendars at the Christmas lights switch-on We are also grateful to Dereham Round Table (lovely guys) who helped us. We then placed calendars for sale in Dereham Cancer Care thanks to Zoe and at Dereham Windmill thanks to Mayor Hugh King and volunteer Kathy Lloyd.

Green Pastures book-shop were also very kind and super-helpful. They sold any calendars that were left over. We have agreed with them we will do it again next year – but their advice is to start earlier!

Biggest thanks of all must go to the photographers who offered their images to support this worthwhile cause: Justin Dack, Brett King, Paul Stearman, Ivor Linington.

All profits will go to Love Dereham charity. If you would like to help in 2024, contact us – we are starting NOW!