Buskin’ it

July 18, 2023

Open air Blues concert created holiday atmosphere in Dereham

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An acoustic open-air blues concert in the Ellenor Fenn Garden attracted over 70 visitors and created a wonderful holiday atmosphere.  A shared event between the Norfolk Blues Society and the Dereham Blues Festival went down a storm with the audience in the garden and shoppers in Wright’s Walk who stopped to listen to the music.  The acts, sponsored by the Norfolk Blues Society, kept audiences entertained all day.

The Dereham Blues Festival goes from strength to strength and with the support of sponsors, advertisers, venues and volunteers proved to be the best yet.  It was received very well by performers, audiences and local businesses. Pubs, hotels, taxis, restaurants and fast-food outlets were all working to capacity and in some cases, beyond that. Feedback from some venues described the weekend as being as good, if not better, than Christmas!  The opening concert in the Memorial Hall was extremely popular with two standing ovations. The not-for-profit organisation has undoubtedly helped make Dereham a better place to live and visit. 

This year there were more bands, more venues and the Open-Air Concert a welcome community addition.  It took the Blues to a non-pub venue with a massive feel-good factor.  Jamie O’Hara, a solo artiste, did her first public performance in the garden and was very well received.  The Baptist Church next to the garden provided chairs, Dencora, who own and run the shopping centre, hired a photographer to capture the event and made sure there was a coffee cart on hand. All-in-all a very successful event that built on last year’s concert.

The festival seems to have developed a pleasing momentum of its own and planning for next year’s event is already under way.  It will be the 10th festival in 12 years and promises to be very special with extra venues such as the Greenstones Pub and Restaurant and others once confirmed.  If you’d like to help with the festival in any way or indeed become a sponsor, please let the team know by contact through their website (https://www.derehambluesfestival.org.uk/).