AboutDereham Partnership – just over one year old!

April 30, 2019

Tell us about your volunteer opportunities!

The aboutDereham Partnership is a little over one year old, depending if you take the start date as being the very first meeting or when we formally adopted our constitution. In a fairly short space of time, we have made some significant strides forward towards our goals.

All voluntary organisations and community groups are invited to our next meeting where we will be reviewing what we have done and what the partnership members wish to do next.

We firmly believe that it is our members who should set the agenda for what happens next and we have been asking members what things they want help with.

At our last Partnership meeting, we worked in small groups to identify the things that we feel we are good at. We found that between us we have a tremendous range of skills, experience and knowledge. Some of the things we are good at include:

Some of the things that we feel we need help with are:

There is a lot that we can do as a Partnership to help each other with some of these issues. For example, some of us have experience of writing funding applications and could help with this. Those who are good at reaching out to all age groups can teach those of us who need help with this.

Far and away the biggest issue of concern that all groups feel they cannot easily do is to attract new volunteers. To tackle this, we need to know what are the opportunities within your group that you would like people to help with. Evidence has shown that if we can be specific about what the role entails and what the time commitment is likely to be, we are more likely to get some people coming forward to help.

Please complete this short online survey to tell us about your volunteering opportunities. It only takes two minutes and you can come back and fill it in multiple times if you have more than one role to fill. Click here to complete the survey:



Email or use the contact form on this website if you would like more information