A town plan for Dereham

February 14, 2021

Aerial view of Dereham town centre
John Fielding aerial image

Breckland District Council has kicked off a project to produce a town delivery plan for each of its five market towns, with Dereham being the first to be studied.  Consultants are to be tasked to consult with local organisations and residents to develop a plan which will include practical projects capable of attracting funding.

A joint working group has been established between Dereham Town Council and the aD Partnership to consider ideas and develop a vision for the town which can inform the Breckland plan. The town’s Mayor, Councillor Stuart Green, is chairman of this newly established group which comprises four local councillors and four representatives of the aD Partnership.

The aD Partnership has often gathered views from its local members on how the town can be improved and has formed its own vision for the future town centre based on views expressed by many residents over time.

Chairman of the aD Partnership, Mike Webb commented: “I’m confident this new group will make a difference. We need a great vision for the future of Dereham that comes from the heart of its members and the town’s residents. This project will lead to Dereham finally getting things done that need to be done.”

Updates on the group including the first agenda and terms of reference can be found here: aboutdereham.org/dtpwg/. Notes of the meeting will be added later.