Vision exercise

At the meeting on 21st November 2018, we discussed our ideas for a vision for Dereham 2035. This was partly because as a group we are convinced that an over-arching vision is needed for the town so that all organisations have something to steer their efforts in the same direction. In fact the need for a vision was top of our list of ‘Future Dereham’ projects.

In addition, Dereham Town Council have begun to draft a vision for the town as part of the development of the Neighbourhood Plan. This plan and its ‘vision for Dereham 2035’ should come out for consultation soon. (Expected 2019).

You can see the results of our own vision exercise here. It must be said that this is by no means a completed exercise and that some effort must be made to produce a credible vision for the future of Dereham which has the support of residents and businesses, public sector and community groups.


In July 2019 the aboutDereham Partnership meeting discussed a broad-brush vision for the town centre derived from the previous exercise. This document is now available here.