The aboutDereham Steering Committee

Day-to-day management of the Partnership is delegated to the Steering Committee to act on behalf of the Partnership. The Steering Committee makes recommendations to the Partnership.

The Steering Committee (a minimum of four members) is appointed at the AGM. The officers of the Partnership – Chairman, Vice Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Media, Publicity and PR Secretary – form the core of the Committee, but any member of a partner organisation is very welcome to join the Committee.

The Steering Committee meets monthly to make sure we are all up-to-date, to consider any issues that have come up, to identify future possibilities for the Partnership, and to plan Partnership meetings.

If any member or non-member has any issues which they would like the Steering Committee to consider, please let us know!

Current members of the Committee and their contact details are:

Chair Mike Webb 01362 850327
Vice-chair Ken Hawkins 01362 691455
Treasurer Susan Ferguson 01362 698209
Secretary Carolyn Coleman 01362 695084
Media, Publicity and PR Secretary Helen Evans 07796 616399

aboutDereham is a formally constituted ‘unincorporated association’. We are not currently a Charity or a Company Limited by Guarantee. If and when it appears right to do so, the Steering Committee would recommend to a Partnership AGM that we should become a charity or a company or both (or any other possible type of registered organisation). The Charity Trustees and/or the Company Directors would be elected at an AGM and would take over the roles currently carried out by Steering Committee.

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