St Withburga’s Well

St Withburga's Well is a holy spring located in the churchyard of St Nicholas in the centre of East Dereham. The water sprang from the grave of St Withburga when her bones were removed.

A plaque records that "The ruins of a tomb which contained the remains of Withburga, youngest daughter of Anna, King of East Angles, who died AD 654. The Abbot and monks of Ely stole this precious relic and translocated to Ely Cathedral, where it was interred near her three royal sisters, AD 974"

The well can be viewed at any time of year, in the grounds of St Nicholas Parish Church. There is more information on the Dereham Town Council website at and also a more complete story of the originas and history of the well is available at Dereham Library.

Washbridge, Dereham NR19 1EB, UK