Future Dereham

From our early partnership meetings in January and March 2018, concerns were raised about a number of topics which people felt needed addressing in the town centre. These included:

These topics were subsequently discussed and refined and a list of possible projects was created with the intention of trying to ensure that some of these would start to be addressed by the relevant authorities.

It was thought that some of the projects could possibly be enabled through Breckland Council’s Market Town Initiative funding. You can see the objectives of this scheme which aims to promote the five market towns in Breckland here. Indeed, the Partnership was successful in bidding for funds to undertake a wayfinding study for the town centre. 

At the Partnership AGM in May 2019, the list was revisited and re-prioritised for the coming year.

Following discussions, the projects were ranked in priority order, with tourist information and town centre accessibility and toilets scoring highest with 6 points. It was agreed that a project to look at tourist information could (or should) also encompass heritage.

Some project ideas, eg Litter, were not prioritised as they were already being tackled by other organisations, in this case, the Trash Tribe. Some projects are already under way. These are:

  1. Signage (pedestrian signs) albeit that there is still further work needed on road and traffic signs, including tourist information signs.
  2. Town guide, or tourism leaflet, currently in design.

The following topics will be prioritised in 2019-20:

  1. Tourist Information and Heritage
  2. Town centre access, signage, toilets
  3. Vision for the town centre and DTC Neighbourhood Plan
  4. Traffic, buses, pick-up points in town centre
  5. Signage
  6. Improvements to Marketplace and High Street
  7. Dereham Memorial Hall
  8. ‘Working together’
  9. Car parking
  10. Litter
  11. Public green spaces
  12. Food offer in town
  13. Town centre free Wi-Fi
  14. Name of town