Dereham Carers – we are here for you

supporting across Dereham and Toftwood

If you are working in a front line caring role and have difficulty getting food and other essentials for yourself or your family, our Dereham Cares volunteers are on standby to offer help with some of the essentials.

Please register here if you need help with the essentials

District Councillor Alison Webb is leading on a new scheme, Dereham Cares, together with District Councillors Hilary Bushell and Phillip Duigan. The Dereham Cares project is designed to provide help and support to people who have to stay at home and are isolated during the Corna Virus emergency.

This is a local scheme and is not for people who will receive support under the Government’s scheme to help people identified as at risk by the NHS.
These at-risk people include those with specific cancers, severe respiratory conditions and people who have received organ transplants.

The Government is setting up “hubs” around the country to arrange deliveries of groceries and medicines to those people identified by the NHS as at risk.

DATA PROTECTION: Your name and contact details will be held only for the purposes of the Dereham Cares Support Scheme and will not be given to any other organisation at any time. When the Corona Virus emergency is over, all your personal details will be erased.